Tiffany's Gaia Top Picks

I’ve been a Gaia member for 5 years and love the amazing yoga library with great teachers who have years of training.

As Gaia's Community Relations Manager and as a local yoga teacher, I'm often asked for recommendations on classes, styles, and teachers.

Here's a list of my favorites on Gaia. I hope you enjoy these yoga and meditation classes as much as I do!

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Limitless Authenticity

I just realized that most everything about me is considered a social anomaly...

I am sure that if you consider yourself against the odds, and against what society says you should be doing, most likely you will feel like you are somewhat of an anomaly too...Have you though?

Have you been able to honor all parts of yourself fully and completely with gratitude love and equally with forgiveness and Grace? I think that's what we all do for each other, help remind us of not only the things that make us so unique but the things that connect us.

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Goddess Diaries: The New Me

I stand here in gratitude for all of the amazing people in my life. I have so much love and support; my biggest hurdle is myself at this point. I think the excitement of growth can make us forget how much fuel it takes to grow in the first place. And how much it takes to keep going. I know everyone knows what I mean! It's because we forget that we are already in the perfect place!

So, what I am saying is...we got this! We are all in this together, let's try to remember that as we go through our growth spurts in life.

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