Goddess Diaries: Beautiful Women

Dear Beautiful Women,

Doing hard things will not harden you.
Doing hard things will soften your spirit,
And fortify your soul.

You are strong enough to do the hard things too. Do it for you.
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Some hard things I have had to do:

-Cut people off and out of my life
-Leave jobs that no longer aligned with my values
-Say yes to opportunities that put me in the spotlight
-Turn down opportunities that do not align with my values
-Move away from my family
-Finish college and figure out what the hell to do next, realize the difference between my dreams and the dreams the world has for me, make mistakes, and try again.

What about you?

And last but not least…I look around like, Damn! I love my life and the women in it. I am so grateful. And this is not by mistake. My intention is to align with people that bring me the most joy and even help push me to be a better me. I am so grateful for y'all! And, there is no way to name you all so just know that if we text and see each other here and there and we make a conscious effort to be framily, I am talking to you...

Happy International Women's Day!

Photo by the badass @pixie_perfect_productions