You have a gift of connection, and being able to look in someone’s eyes and know just what they need. Whether it is going emotionally deep, comforting meditation, sound healing, or just an asana escape, you have that Southern charm, and that certain “je ne said quoi” of reaching people and saying without saying it you tell them, “I know. I know. I feel you. I’ve been there. Take my hand, I am your guide, your mentor. You may feel broken, but you can be healed.” You will transform those around you and help those who truly need to be rescued. As your rose blossoms, and blooms, you will touch many.
— Alison
Tiffany - I did your goddess flow on Yogi Approved’s YouTube and it was honestly one of the best practices I have done in ages. What I loved about your video in particular was the spiritual link of gratitude with a yoga flow that wasn’t slow paced. What I’ve found is that some yoga practices that do a lot of focus on mindfulness and gratitude, etc. are very slow practices - so less of a workout! I honestly felt a burst of light pour through me at the end when we were giving thanks to the universe. I’ve been doing a lot of work on inner healing and building my inner goddess, so it was a blessing finding that video!
— Sarina, London
You have been very encouraging and inspiring for me during my transformation. You are helping others change their lives and make a better place in this world. I thank you with all of my heart from women everywhere!
— Ramma Dawn, Ohio
Thank you for the yoga class. I felt safe in the space to be vulnerable, to open up, learn and experience all the evening had to offer. Thank you again for the love and authentic energy you bring!
— Delanee
Tiffany has given me back something I have truly missed for months. Strength and peace. Tiffany, you encouraged your class to go through the transitions of a workout and meditative practice. This is huge! Yoga is a hard balance to find that “almost there” feeling within yourself. Your presence was wonderful and your love for the class shows. Thank you or bringing that to 24 Hour Fitness; for it’s not easy to find. Thank you for giving back by showing how much you love what you do. It makes a tremendous difference and deserves to be recognized at this facility.
— Andrea, 24 Hour Fitness Yoga Class Student