International Mind, Body & Soul Healer, Speaker and Writer

About Tiffany

Creatively weaving her passion for yoga as a steadfast lifestyle choice, Tiffany is a mind-body-soul healer.  She radiates a warmhearted, approachable vibe of "I see you, I get you, I feel your pain, and yes, you can heal." Tiffany's inspirational and empowering yoga workshops merge breath work and movement with meditation, journaling, and sound healing music.  She facilitates life-changing experiences and she provides the gift of everlasting self-care tools.  Tiffany brings passion and authenticity to the mat. Her divine, Goddess-inspired message centers on the mind-body-soul connection.  

Tiffany is based out of Northwest Denver, Colorado and is the Community Manager at, as well as a guiding light at Breath of Life Yoga Studio, 24 Hour Fitness and online with  

Teaching Style

Tiffany teaches a style called Honey Flow Healing Yoga. It is a combination of Hatha Yoga, breath-work, sacred intention, strength based work, balance, core stability and joint lubrication - all in a mandala style flow (using all angles of the mat to trick and re-balance the brain.)

Tiffany’s classes are balanced and rooted in grace and strength; both physically and emotionally. Encouraging passionate connection to the breath and the body through a Vinyasa (flowing with the breath) and Hatha (holding and breathing in poses) style of yoga to encourage both strength and flexibility with a focus on anatomy and alignment - thus helping you break through barriers in the mind and body. She enjoys creatively weaving in breath work, and intention-setting to create flows that leave you feeling energized, balanced, refreshed, renewed and whole…also known as the yoga high!


Tiffany is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance with specializations in Restorative, Yoga for Kids and Teens, and Yoga for Trauma and Addiction. She also holds a certificate in Nutritional Therapy.  A technology professional and Manager at by day; she knows the value of yoga to bring the strength and flexibility needed to balance this fast-paced life, and she gets to study and practice with the industry's best yoga teachers as a perk of working at Gaia!

When Tiffany’s Not Teaching Yoga

In her free time, she loves to write, travel, and be outdoors with Mother Nature. Tiffany enjoys volunteering in the community, spending time with her husband, pups and family, rock climbing, studying yoga and reading while traveling this beautiful and enriching world.


Tiffany is on a mission to bring love, courage, compassion, and yoga to everyone! Wherever she is, Tiffany aims to reawaken people's hearts and remind everyone that they are not alone.