Tiffany's Gaia Top Picks

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Calm Heart Breath Meditation

What a great way to start the day! This meditation practice will change your life. I use this daily at work.

Loneliness to Connection

This offers an amazing breakdown from head to toe! Ashleigh is one of the first teachers I practiced with and the reason I signed up for Gaia.

Reconnect to Earth

Such a great practice to build our foundation - our feet! Clara is one of my favorites because her cues are direct and her classes are so well-rounded.

Party on a Boat

I have never been more excited to hold a boat pose. MC Sweet’s energy is infectious!

Don’t Stop Your Bad Habits

This series of talks and practical exercises has opened so many new levels of understanding for me. So grateful for his teachings!

Practice Hip-Openers for Devotion

Dayna is love! This class brings you back to source, devotion and honoring our power and essence. She makes the pose hanumanasana look easy!

Agni Fire Flow

Sianna will help you reconnect with your sacred power and the divine with fun flows! I love how she weaves yoga philosophy and myth into her practices.

Let Go of Ego

Learning about non-attachment while slowing down is so refreshing. I love how sweet and genuine Nichole is as well!

Shanti Shakti: Concealment

To be able to practice in an alignment-based way while learning about ancient myths as they relate to my life is the foundation of my strength on the mat.

Shiva’s Dancer Pose

Such a fun 20-minute practice focused on balance and core stability with the beautiful history of Shiva’s pose and chanting!

Fire, Flow and Fly

Faith is one of my favorite teachers because of her creative flows that offer strength training, mindfulness, and always link back to the Divine. This class teaches how to Handstand!

Yoga for Tight Neck and Shoulders

If you work in an office, text, and drive a lot, then you need this 30-minute practice in your life!