Limitless Authenticity

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I just realized that most everything about me is considered a social anomaly... the fact that I am a black female in America in a high-level position at a tech company is an anomaly.
The fact that I take myself just as seriously as a yoga teacher although I do not teach full-time is an anomaly.

The fact that although I have endured sexual abuse from guys that were supposed to be friends in my life yet I still have the utmost respect for men is an anomaly.

The fact that I absolutely believe that women have so much to offer the world and I wholeheartedly support women yet I also understand that we hold a beautiful key to empower men as well and I hold those two in honor and respect each equally is an anomaly.

The fact that I am asked to appear in emails and magazines and online for companies that do not typically feature people who look like me is an anomaly.

the fact that I do whatever the fuck I want yet still honor and respect authority, rules, and the law is an anomaly.

Sometimes I forget that I am until someone reminds me, LOL. I think that's what we all do for each other, help remind us of not only the things that make us so unique but the things that connect us. I realize fully that every part of me is an anomaly, and I am sure that if you consider yourself against the odds, and against what society says you should be doing, most likely you will feel like you are somewhat of an anomaly too...have you though? Have you been able to honor all parts of yourself fully and completely with gratitude love and equally with forgiveness and Grace?

Stay tuned... I have a workshop series coming up called 'Limitless Authenticity'... I will share with you some practices that have helped me step into my power as fully as I know it today. I also posted more information about my upcoming retreat this May in beautiful Nederland, CO called 'Wild Magic: Women's Wellness Retreat'